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The Best Drone Photos of 2017 by Dronestragram

Photography taken by a drone has become a distinct artistic field. Every year Dronestagram announces International Drone Photography Contest. Thousands of entries were submitted from everywhere in the world by talented professional photographers and amateur drone photo enthusiasts. Check out this year’s best drone photos.

1. Provence, France, summer trim by jcourtial

2. Infinite Road to Transylvania, Romania by Calin Stan

3. Ice formation, Greenland by Florian

4. End of the line by Martin Sanchez

5. Waterlily, Vietnam by helios1412

6. La Vijanera, Spain by feelingmovie

7. Concrete Jungle, United Arab Emirates by bachirm

8. Dawn on Mercury Tower, Russia by alexeygo

9. Peace, Spain by luckydron

10. Two Moo, South Africa by LukeMaximoBell

11. Ugo le marin, France by rga

12. Next Level, France By macareuxprod

13. The great Sirigiya, Sri Lanka By jcourtial

14. Motorbike Bridge Over River In Thailand By tominspires

15. Spanish Maze By Martin Sanchez

16. The Family, Tanzania By AndrewMorgan

17. Sunrise at the Iguazu Falls Balcony, Argentina By DroneFilmsProject

18. Infinite Road to Transylvania (8), Romania By Calin Stan

19. Put your sports shoes on, Laos By jcourtial

20. Portuguese surfer, Portugal By jcourtial

Source: Dronestagram

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