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Street Food Around The World

Street food is the heart and soul of international cuisine. Trying local street food is an obligatory point of every travel to new places. It’s the best way to learn something about new culture. We’ve created a list of 21 best street meals that you just must eat while travelling across a foreign country.

Check out the world’s best street food below.

Bacalaitos – Salt Cod Fritters (Puerto Rico/Dominican Republic)

Bacalaitos street food

Gaufre de Bruxelles/Brusselse Wafel – Fluffy waffles with toppings such as fresh fruit, whipped cream, and chocolate (Belgium)

Brusselse Wafel

Bunny Chow – Hollowed-out bread stuffed with curry (South Africa)

Bunny Chow

Chaat – Fried Dough with various toppings like yogurt, chutney, and various spices (India)


Cheesesteak – Thinly sliced steak with melted Provolone or American cheese on a soft roll (PA, USA)


Currywurst – Steamed and Fried Bratwurst with curry ketchup and powder, sometimes mayo, and fries or a roll (Germany)


Dürüm – A durum wheat wrap filled with minced lamb and/or beef or chicken, tomato, and onion (Turkey)


Fish and Chips – Battered fish with deep-fried french fries/chips (UK)

Fish and Chips

Hotteok – Sweet fried dough filled with sweet ingredients like brown sugar, honey, peanuts, sesame seeds, and cinnamon (South Korea)


Jian Bing Guo Zi – Fried Egg-based Breakfast Pancake (China)

Jian Bing Guo Zi

Kaassoufflé – Melted cheese, often Gouda, in fried dough (Netherlands)


Kolbice – Hungarian Sausages in a baked bread cone with roasted onions, sauerkraut, cheese, mustard, and ketchup (Hungary)


Kwek-Kwek – Battered and deep-fried hard-boiled quail eggs (Philippines)


Okonomiyaki – Grilled savory pancake with ingredients like cabbage, noodles, green onion, with brown sauce and mayo (Japan)


Pão de queijo – Baked cheese puffs made with cassava flour, sometimes with fillings – ‘recheado’ (Brazil)

Pao de queijo

Pesce Fritto al Cono – Fried shrimp, squid, and small fishes in a cone (Italy)

Pesce Fritto al Cono

Poutine – French fries topped with a gravy sauce and cheese curds (Quebec/Canada)


Stekt Strömming – Fried Herring (Sweden)

Stekt Stromming

Suya – Spicy skewered, grilled meat (often beef, ram, and chicken) served w onion, pepper and spices (Nigeria/West Africa)


Tacos al Pastor – Tacos of thinly sliced, roasted pork marinated with annatto (Mexico)

Tacos al Pastor

Zapiekanka – Grilled baguettes stuffed with mushrooms, cheese, and various meats and vegetables, often with Ketchup (Poland)


Source: imgur

What meal can you buy in the streets of your country? Tell us in the comments section below and check out

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