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Then And Now: Locations From The Wire

Fans of the HBO hit series “The Wire” had two ways to revisit the streets of Baltimore recently. They could watch a five-day marathon of the complete series remastered in high definition or visit Twitter, where Baltimore Sun crime reporter Justin Fenton went around the city to take photos of locations used on The Wire. Fenton visited the opening scenes of the first season, made a trip to train track, where Bunk & McNulty hanged out, and checked out The Pit. Wondering what the fictional neighborhood of Hamsterdam looks like in real life? Check out Fenton’s tour to famous locations from The Wire.

1. Season 1 Opening

2. East/West basketball game spot

3. Kavanaugh’s (Sidebar)

4. Fake Sun newsroom then, real Sun newsroom now

5. Baltimore’s industrial waterfront

6. One of Bunk & McNulty’s train track spots

7. Hamsterdam

8. Marlo’s spot

9. The Pit

10. Frank & Ziggy’s longshoreman bar

11. Bonus

Share your thoughts about the locations from The Wire and check out Famous TV Show Floor Plans.

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