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This Is What Dog Breeds Looked Like A 100 Years Ago

There is no species humans did not interfere as strongly as dogs. For centuries, people searched for the ideal dog. They were crossed to find a specific set of characteristics. Breeders are still working on “refining” well-known breeds, but are guided solely by desirable traits, without taking into account the consequences that are associated with the animal.

See how breeders have supported certain traits in well-known dog breeds by altering them and bringing about unfavorable changes in their look and health. This is what dog breeds looked like a 100 years ago.

1. Bull Terrier

At one time the Bull Terrier was a handsome, athletic dog. Today’s Bull Terrier has been seriously impaired by breeding. They suffer teeth problems as they now have too many teeth in their enlarged skulls. Their mentality has also been affected, as they are obsessed with chasing their tails.

2. German Shepherd

The German Shepherd Dog is also a breed that is routinely mentioned when people talk about ruined breeds; maybe because they used to be awesome. In Dogs of All Nations, the GSD is described as a medium-sized dog (25 kg /55 lb), this is a far cry from the angulated, barrel-chested, sloping back, ataxic, 85-pounders (38 kg) we are used to seeing in the conformation ring. There was a time when the GSD could clear a 2.5 meter (8.5 ft) wall; that time is long gone. Now, the dogs experience frequent and painful leg problems.

3. Pug

The pug, while being in very high demand, has been notoriously genetically modified, and has suffered badly for our meddling. They have particularly troublesome cardiovascular systems. The curly tale has been exacerbated, but it can lead to paralysis.

4. Boxer

A shorter face means a host of problems. The modern Boxer not only has a shorter face but the muzzle is slightly upturned. The boxer – like all bracecyphalic dogs – has difficulty controlling its temperature in hot weather, the inability to shed heat places limits on physical performance. It also has one of the highest cancer rates.

5. Saluki

The Salukis of today have had their skeletal appearance enhanced, and it introduced a higher rate of heart problems.

6. Dachshund

The Dachshund used to have functional legs and necks that made sense for their size. Backs and necks have gotten longer, chest jutted forward and legs have shrunk to such proportions that there is barely any clearance between the chest and floor. The dachschund has the highest risk of any breed for intervertebral disc disease which can result in paralysis; they are also prone to achondroplastic related pathologies, PRA and problems with their legs.

7. White Terrier

The White Terrier was once a highly functional, athletic dog. Today it is seriously hampered by bad breeding, and cannot follow it’s instincts because of intentional stunting.

8. Bearded Collie

It’s quite obvious that the Bearded Collie has been seriously toyed with genetically. They suffer from allergies as a result.

9. Saint Bernard

Once a noble working dog, the modern St. Bernard has been oversized, had its faced squished in, and bred for abundant skin. You will not see this type of dog working, they can’t handle it as they quickly overheat. The diseases include entropion, ectropion, Stockard’s paralysis, hemophilia, osteosarcoma, aphakia, fibrinogen deficiency.

10. Basset Hound

The modern Basset Hound has gotten lower, has suffered changes to its rear leg structure. The dogs struggle with a host of problems resulting from the breeding we’ve put these guys through. They have far too much skin, suffer serious eye problems, and experience spinal problems.

11. English Bulldog

The English Bulldog has become a bit of a monstrosity. It’s a terrible truth, but there is honestly no other breed today that is “healthy.” They live, on average, 6.25 years. They literally suffer from every single health problem you can think of, as a direct result of us making them into caricatures.

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