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This Owner Photoshops Their Dog Into Movie Posters and It’s Amazing

A few years ago this Imgur user started Photoshopping her family dog into movie posters and she’s been busy ever since. Turning her loveable rescue dog, Lucy Van Pelt, into the star of movies both new and old. Check them out below.

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1. Grr

2. Hiking With Housewolves

3. K9 Martian

4. Kill Ball

5. King Kong

6. Puppyhood

7. The SIlence Of The Lamb Chops

8. Spiteful Cat

9. American Cutie

10. Ballzone

11. Dirty Rotten Mongrels

12. One Missed Dinner Call

13. The Doggo Of Wall Street

14. Black Eyed Dog

15. Good Girlie With A Pearl Earring

16. Jowls

17. The Fireworks Project

18. Lucy

19. Close Encounters Of The Furred Kind

20. Dogma

21. Pure Joy

22. Old Dog Nutrix

23. Pawrites Of The Caribbean

24. Beauty Da Beast

25. Canis

26. Lost In Catsnation

27. Dogzilla

Share your thoughts about these movie posters below and check out Funny Academy Awards Parody Posters.

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