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Top 10 Most Memorable Movie Cars

At a place like AutoAccessoriesGarage, we have a handful of gear heads in our midst. Often we find ourselves referring to movies by the cars that appeared in them instead of the actors. We’ve seen plenty of Oscar-worthy performances over the years, but sometimes the cars really steal the show. That’s why today we want to countdown the top 10 Most Memorable Movie Cars from our extensive Ultimate TV & Movie Car List.

10. The bus from Speed (1994)


The bus, a 1966 GM TDH 5303 to be precise, was clearly the driving force in the movie. No pun intended. Homer Simpson once thought the movie was The Bus that Couldn’t Slow Down and that’s pretty much what it is. That bus was really flying, which is uncommon in our experience. In our experience the bus takes an eternity and smells a little funky too! The idea of an entire movie revolving around a speeding bus might seem flimsy by today’s standards, but this was the free-wheeling early nineties. Plus, that guy from Bill & Ted had never led us astray before.

9. The Plymouth Belvedere from Tommy Boy (1995)


“You hang on to a car this cherry,” David Spade remarks about his 1967 Plymouth Belvedere GTX. This is just seconds before Chris Farley drops several Peanut M&Ms fall through the vents in the dash. Of course, if you’ve seen the film you know that’s only the beginning of a long line of damages the vehicle will face. By the end there’s more tarp and tape than original Plymouth – which is kind of hard to watch for car lovers, but it’s also so funny you can’t look away.

8. The Ferrari from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986)


Speaking of extensive vehicle damage that’s hard to watch, how about that classic scene in Ferris Bueller? The one where Cameron’s dad’s 1961 Ferrari 250 GT California crashes out the back of an elevated glass garage. Cameron had mentioned his dad didn’t even drive it, he just admired it and washed it. Though we don’t see the meltdown his father has when he returns, you can expect it was one to remember. After all, only 100 of these bad boys were ever put into production. But car collectors and purists will be happy to learn that director John Hughes had the good sense to build a replica to wreck. The real Ferrari was completely unharmed.

7. The Shaggin’ Wagon from Dumb & Dumber (1994)


Memorable cars don’t have to be nice though, just look at the enormous rolling dog in Dumb and Dumber. The police referred to it as an ‘84 Sheepdog but the real van was a heavily modified 1984 Ford Econoline. Dubbed “The Shaggin’ Wagon”, Lloyd (Jim Carrey) insists that “chicks dig it!” but we never really saw any evidence of that in the film. Still though, all that exterior carpeting is certainly eye-catching. Still, we can’t help but think about what a good thunderstorm would do to that van.

6. The Ecto-1 from Ghostbusters (1984)


Some movie cars just fit in place like peanut butter on jelly. One such example is the 1959 Cadillac Miller-Meteor Hearse which Stantz converted into The Ecto-1. He says he poured a lot of money into it, $4,800 to be precise. Adjusting for inflation, that’s $10,000 in today’s money. It’s surprising that he even had the funds to get that wagon up and running, but the results are plain to see. It was well worth the effort for such an iconic car.

5. The Mirth-Mobile from Wayne’s World (1992)


With bright orange flame decals behind the front wheels, Garth’s 1976 AMC Pacer might have been the most tricked out Pacer in all of Aurora, IL. AMC’s whole line of vehicles were pretty bizarre so it’s great that one got immortalized in a classic comedy like Wayne’s World. Nicknamed ‘The Mirth-Mobile’ – ‘mirth’ meaning merriment and high-spirits. The name was certainly appropriate, it looked like a great place to belt out Queen songs.

4. The Charger from The Fast and the Furious (2001)


It stands to reason that a movie like The Fast and the Furious would have some memorable cars. After all, that’s kind of what those movies are about. Working in an auto shop by day and competing in illegal drag races by night, this crew would even rob semi trucks at highway speeds – the modern day equivalent of a wild west train robbery. But the most memorable vehicle in the first film has to be Toretto’s father’s 1970 Dodge Charger. A black beauty, Toretto left this car sitting in a garage because he was afraid to drive it. Maybe he was right to fear it, as the last few minutes of the film will have him getting into a pretty nasty crash in it.

3. The Jeeps from Jurassic Park (1993)


1993 was the year Stephen Spielberg’s Jurassic Park would thrill and chill audiences nationwide. And it was 1993’s Jeep Wrangler that would look so good baring the park’s insignia. The red and tan Jeep Wranglers looked great and so did the green Ford Explorers. They looked so good that it comes as no surprise that as many as 40 homemade replicas exist in California alone. You definitely need a rugged ride if you plan to outrun T-Rexs.

2. Batmobile from any Batman movie (1966 – Current)


One thing that everybody knows about Batman is that he has some sick wheels. No matter which version you’re watching, chances are you’d gladly trade your current ride for the dark knight’s. Whether it’s the red trim and rounded dual windshields seen in 1966’s Batman: The Movie or the treacherous tank that prowls the streets in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Trilogy, the Batmobile is a ride that can get the job done. Tim Burton’s 1989 adaptation used a Chevy Impala chassis as the base of its Batmobile.

1. The Time Machine from Back to the Future (1985)


When Doc Brown set out to build a time machine, he decided he might as well do it with style. Style to Emmett Brown meant a 1982 DeLorean DMC-12. The appearance was so memorable that it’s probably what DeLoreans are best known for. We’d bet money that any DMC-12 still on the streets is being preserved by a big fan of Back to the Future. But that wasn’t the only memorable vehicle in the film. Marty’s dream ride was a jet black 1985 Toyota 4×4 Xtra Cab Pickup Truck. Now that was one heck of a truck! Tricked out with KC Lights, nerf bars and more, no doubt if Marty were a teen today he would have been no stranger to our truck accessories pages.

Share your the most memorable movie cars below and check out the 20 Most Iconic Cars From TV & Movies.

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