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Vintage Photos Showing Life In Great Britain In The 1960s-1980s

Check out the vintage photos showing life in Great Britain in the 1960s-1980s. The photos were taken by British photographers, John Ballmer and Nick Hedges.

1. Black Country, England, 1960

2. Black Country, England, 1960

3. Black Country, England, 1960

4. Nelson, Lancashire, England, 1960

5. Manchester, England, 1961

6. Durham, England, 1964

7. Durham, England, 1965

8. Yorkshire, England, 1965

9. Yorkshire, England, 1966

10. Yorkshire, England, 1966

11. Liverpool, England, 1969

12. East End, London, England, 1969

13. Birmingham, England, 1969

14. Leeds, England, 1970

15. Glasgow, Scotland, 1970

16. Glasgow, Scotland, 1970

17. Glasgow, Scotland, 1970

18. Manchester, England, 1977

19. Manchester, England, 1978

20. Manchester, England, 1980

Source: slava-vologda

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