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Vintage Photos of Paris During the Siege of Paris in 1871

The Franco-Prussian War or Franco-German War, often referred to in France as the War of 1870 (19 July 1870 – 10 May 1871), was a conflict between the Second French Empire of Napoleon III and the German states of the North German Confederation led by the Kingdom of Prussia. The conflict was caused by Prussian ambitions to extend German unification and French fears of the shift in the European balance of power that would result if the Prussians succeeded.

As early as August 1870 the Prussian 3rd Army led by Crown Prince Frederick of Prussia (the future Emperor Frederick III) had been marching towards Paris. The Siege of Paris, lasting from 19 September 1870 to 28 January 1871, and the consequent capture of the city by Prussian forces, led to French defeat in the Franco-Prussian War and the establishment of the German Empire as well as the Paris Commune.

Take a look at these vintage photos showing the Siege of Paris in 1871.

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1. Place Vendôme and the barricade on the Rue de la Paix.

Siege of Paris

2. The Place Vendôme Column.

3. The Place Vendôme Column prepared for demolition.

4. General Staff monitors preparations for the demolition of the column.

5. The Place Vendôme Column destroyed.

6. Soldiers near the Place Vendôme Column.

7. Destroyed column.

8. Destroyed statue of Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, May 16, 1871.

9. The General Staff of the Place Vendôme.

10. Great Hall of the State Council.

11. A group of soldiers.

12. Barricade at the Rue de la Paix.

13. The Commander of the National Guard, Colonel Simon Mayer.

14. Unknown photo.

15. Barricade at the Rue de Rivoli.

16. Library of the Louvre.

17. Barricade at the Castiglione street.

18.  Unknown photo.

19. Barricades at the Rue Royale.

20. The artillery at the hills of Montmartre.

21. Porte Maillot. Large artillery on the left side.

22. Rue des Rosiers, Montmartre.

23. Place de Clichy.

24. The courtyard of the Ministry of Justice (dinner time).

25. Barricade at the Castiglione street.

26. Unknown photo.

27. Barricade at the Rue de la Paix.

28. View of the Hotel Thiers.

29. Barricades at the Rue Victoria.

30. Unknown photo.

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