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Westeros Trailer: A Game of Thrones in the Modern Day

Game of Thrones’ final season doesn’t yet have a release date. It may be as much as 18 months away. Following the season 7 finale an anonymous fan has produced a trailer for a far-future Westeros sequel called Westeros: The Series. He freed Game of Thrones of its medieval shackles and set the trailer’s plot in 2019.

Westeros is a trailer made by the German fans of the series. It was very proffesionally produced. It is so good it could be successfully used by HBO. “Game of Thrones in modern day” mights sound like a summary of all House of Cards seasons, but thepeople behind the trailer showed incredible taste and a sense of style. Asphalt road leading right next to the Wall, Minister Lannister, a direwolf coming out of a luxury car or the Iron Throne, which is an exhibit in the museum – masterpiece. Trailer has so many hidden tastes that it is worth seeing it at least several times. It is a pity that Westeros is just a fan project. Check the video below.

What do you reckon? Would you watch Westeros: The Series? Share your thoughts below and check out Game of Thrones Cast In Real Life.

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