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What Would Happen If You Only Drank Soda

Drinking too much soft drinks can cause an array of negative effects in your body. What would happen if you substituted tasteless water in your diet for the same amount of sweet Coke? You may not be surprised to learn that it wouldn’t be pretty. YouTube channel, AsapScience started wondering what would happen if you drank soda instead of water. They compiled data from studies from universities including Yale to come up with this scary data.

1. Your teeth will turn brown and rot.

The soda can can have up to 46 grams of sugar. The sugar bonds with bacteria in your mouth, giving rise to acid. The high acid content weakens the enamel on your teeth, which over time leads to bacterial plaque that causes cavities.

2. You’d gain an insane amount of weight.

It’s been proven that people who drink sodas consume more calories, mainly because they don’t account for the added calories from their beverages. Also, the main sweetener in sodas (high fructose corn syrup) is not metabolized the same way other sugars are.

3. You would consume 5,432 extra calories in just one week.

After a week of substituting your recommended eight glasses of water for cola instead, you would have consumed around 5432 extra calories.

4. You would age rapidly.

At the end of our chromosomes, there are these protective caps called telomeres. They shorten over time, causing us to age. It turns out that people who drink about two cans of soda every day, have the rate of shortening as people who smoke.

5. You would experience arrhythmia and fainting spells.

A woman from Monaco drank two liters of soda for 16 years straight until she was hospitalized at the age of the 31, suffering from arrhythmia and fainting spells. She had not family history of heart problems. Tests showed she was deficient in potassium due to her high consumption of fructose and caffeine.

6. It wouldn’t be any healthier if you switched to diet sodas.

It does not matter if you drink normal or diet soda. The sweetner enhances our appetite causing we eat more. Many diet drinkers think, that if they drink diet soda, they can have larger meal.

Watch the AsapSCIENCE video below:


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