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Why Women Live Longer Than Men

It has been scientifically proven that, statistically, women live longer than men. Some say that it is because of their diet, while others suggest a genetic predisposition or lifestyle. These photos show several more reasons, why women live longer than men.

Check them out below and tell us what you think in the comment section.

1. Because they are not afraid of forklifts.

mens life (1)

2. Because they like resting in the shade.

mens life (2)

3. Because men are able to trust themselves.

mens life (3)

4. They never heard of Darwin Awards.

mens life (4)

5. Because this ladder is not too short or too long.

mens life (5)

6. Because they believe that cars on a handbrake never move.

mens life (6)

7. Because they can handle any problem.

mens life (7)

8. Because making a ladder is not a big deal.

mens life (8)

9. Because they are not afraid of heights.

mens life (9)

10. Because they are using ladders properly only in 33% of cases.

mens life (10)

11. Because they think that the force of gravity can be easily overcome.

mens life (11)

12. Because they like to work with their cars.

mens life (12)

13. If a friend says he holds you, you can trust him.

mens life (13)

14. Because men’s creativity knows no boundaries.

mens life (14)

15. They always help each other.

mens life (15)

16. Because they are dressed inappropriately for the situation sometimes.

mens life (16)

17. They can easily bring a fridge upstairs.

mens life (17)

18. Because they can’t be harm on their own balcony.

mens life (18)

19. They know everything about electricity.

mens life (19)

20. Because they take a photo instead of warning a friend.

mens life (20)

21. Because they know that danger warnings are for wussies.

mens life (21)

Source: distractify

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