Easy DIY Wall Art Projects for Beginners

Engaging in DIY wall art projects not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your living space but also provides a fulfilling creative outlet. Below are 15 beginner-friendly projects, each offering a unique opportunity to create something beautiful.

Project 1: Abstract Acrylic Pour

This technique involves mixing acrylic paints with a pouring medium and then pouring them over a canvas to create abstract patterns. It's a fun and easy way to make vibrant, one-of-a-kind artworks without the need for brush skills.

  • Materials Needed: Acrylic paints, pouring medium, canvas, stir sticks, cups.
  • Method: Mix each color with pouring medium in separate cups. Pour colors onto the canvas, tilting it to cover the surface.
  • Outcome: Creates a vibrant, abstract piece with minimal effort.
  • Tip: Use a silicone oil to add cells and effects to the painting.

Project 2: Geometric Collage

Using cardstock or recycled paper, cut out geometric shapes and arrange them into a pleasing composition. This project allows for endless creativity and results in a modern piece that can fit any room's decor.

  • Materials Needed: Cardstock, scissors, glue, frame.
  • Method: Cut geometric shapes from cardstock. Arrange and glue onto a base paper. Frame the completed collage.
  • Outcome: Results in a modern, geometric piece perfect for contemporary spaces.
  • Tip: Plan the layout digitally before assembling to ensure balance.

Project 3: String Art

String art involves hammering nails into a wooden board in a specific design and then weaving string or yarn around the nails to fill in the design. It's a simple way to create textured and visually interesting pieces.

  • Materials Needed: Wood panel, nails, hammer, string.
  • Method: Hammer nails into the panel forming a design or letter. Weave string around nails to fill the design.
  • Outcome: Produces a textured, 3D art piece with a rustic feel.
  • Tip: Use different colored strings to add depth and interest.

Project 4: Botanical Pressed Art

Arrange pressed flowers or leaves on a piece of paper and secure them in a glass frame. This project captures the beauty of nature and adds a delicate, organic touch to your wall decor.

  • Materials Needed: Pressed flowers, glass frames, paper, glue.
  • Method: Arrange pressed flowers on paper. Glue lightly and place in a glass frame.
  • Outcome: Creates a delicate, natural piece suitable for any room.
  • Tip: Use a heavy book to press flowers for a week before use.

Project 5: Watercolor Silhouette

Paint a watercolor wash on paper and use a template to cut out a silhouette shape from the painted area. This project combines the fluid beauty of watercolors with sharp, clean lines of the silhouette for a striking effect.

  • Materials Needed: Watercolor paints, paper, silhouette template, scissors.
  • Method: Apply a watercolor wash to the paper. Once dry, place the template over the painted area and cut out the silhouette.
  • Outcome: Achieves a beautiful contrast between the watercolor background and the silhouette.
  • Tip: Experiment with different colors and wash techniques for varied effects.

Project 6: Recycled Magazine Mosaic

Cut pieces from old magazines and arrange them to create a colorful mosaic. This eco-friendly project recycles materials and can be customized to create any image or pattern.

  • Materials Needed: Old magazines, scissors, glue, canvas or heavy paper.
  • Method: Cut out small pieces of varying colors from magazines. Arrange and glue onto your base to form a picture or pattern.
  • Outcome: Produces a vibrant, textured mosaic that's both unique and eco-conscious.
  • Tip: Use a clear varnish to protect and enhance the colors of your mosaic.

Project 7: Handwritten Quote Canvas

Write or stencil a meaningful quote on a painted or plain canvas. This simple project personalizes your space with words that inspire or motivate you.

  • Materials Needed: Canvas, paint (for background), markers or paint pens, stencil (optional).
  • Method: If desired, paint the canvas background. Once dry, write or stencil your chosen quote onto the canvas.
  • Outcome: Creates a personalized piece that adds inspiration to your space.
  • Tip: Practice your design on paper before applying to canvas to ensure spacing and layout.

Project 8: Fabric Panel Wall Art

Stretch a piece of attractive fabric over a canvas frame and secure it. This project is an easy way to add patterns and textures to your walls without needing to paint or draw.

  • Materials Needed: Fabric, canvas frame, staple gun.
  • Method: Stretch the fabric over the canvas frame and secure it at the back with a staple gun.
  • Outcome: Results in a chic, textured wall art piece that can match any decor.
  • Tip: Choose a fabric that complements your room's color scheme.

Project 9: Yarn Hanging

Create a bohemian-inspired wall hanging using yarn or wool in various colors and textures. This project adds warmth and a tactile element to your wall decor.

  • Materials Needed: Yarn in various colors and textures, wooden dowel or branch, scissors.
  • Method: Cut lengths of yarn and tie them to the dowel or branch. Arrange colors and textures as desired.
  • Outcome: Produces a cozy, handmade addition to any wall.
  • Tip: Trim the ends of the yarn into a shape or pattern for added visual interest.

Project 10: Washi Tape Geometric Wall Art

Use washi tape to create geometric patterns directly on your wall. It's a non-permanent way to add interest and design to your space, perfect for renters.

  • Materials Needed: Washi tape in various colors and patterns.
  • Method: Plan your design and apply washi tape to the wall in geometric patterns.
  • Outcome: Transforms plain walls into dynamic spaces with minimal effort and no damage.
  • Tip: Use a level and measuring tape to ensure lines are straight and even.

Project 11: Photo Collage Wall

Arrange printed photos in a collage format on a wall or board. This personalized project is a wonderful way to display memories and moments.

  • Materials Needed: Printed photos, tape or photo-safe adhesive, a large frame or corkboard (optional).
  • Method: Arrange your photos in a collage layout on the wall or board. Secure with your chosen adhesive.
  • Outcome: Creates a visually rich, personal showcase of your favorite memories.
  • Tip: Mix different photo sizes and orientations for a dynamic display.

Project 12: Chalkboard Wall Art

Paint a section of your wall with chalkboard paint and use chalk to draw or write messages. This dynamic project allows you to change your wall art as often as you like.

  • Materials Needed: Chalkboard paint, paintbrush or roller, chalk.
  • Method: Apply chalkboard paint to a designated wall area. Once dry, use chalk to create drawings or messages.
  • Outcome: Offers a constantly evolving canvas in your home for expressions of creativity.
  • Tip: Use a damp cloth to clean the chalkboard surface for a fresh start.

Project 13: Pebble Art

Glue pebbles on a canvas to create images or patterns. This project brings a piece of the outdoors inside, offering a rustic and natural feel.

  • Materials Needed: Pebbles, canvas, strong adhesive.
  • Method: Arrange pebbles on the canvas to form your desired image or pattern. Glue in place.
  • Outcome: Achieves a tactile, nature-inspired artwork that adds texture to your decor.
  • Tip: Wash and dry pebbles before use to ensure a clean, strong bond with the glue.

Project 14: Origami Wall Display

Fold origami shapes and arrange them in a shadow box or directly on the wall. This project adds a 3D element to your wall decor and allows for creative expression through paper folding.

  • Materials Needed: Origami paper, shadow box frame (optional), adhesive.
  • Method: Fold origami shapes and arrange them in a pleasing composition. Secure in a shadow box or directly to the wall.
  • Outcome: Produces a colorful, intricate display that showcases the art of paper folding.
  • Tip: Use varying shades and patterns of paper for a vibrant, dynamic effect.

Project 15: Map Wall Art

Use sections of maps from places you've visited or want to visit and frame them. This project is not only decorative but also personalizes your space with your travel aspirations or memories.

  • Materials Needed: Maps, frames.
  • Method: Select map sections that hold personal meaning and frame them individually or as a collage.
  • Outcome: Offers a visually appealing and personal reminder of past travels or future destinations.
  • Tip: Use different frame sizes and styles to add interest to your map display.


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James Locke is a passionate artist specializing in creating stunning animal wall art. His captivating pieces bring the beauty of the natural world to life, adding a touch of wildlife wonder to any space. Explore more of James' work on his Instagram: @james.locke97